• Because Books Shouldn't Be a Privilege

More than 2,000 Books Gifted

We believe that every child has the right to own books that celebrate the experiences and lives of all people. Our mission is to eradicate book deserts by flooding underserved communities with books. Partnering with grassroots literacy advocates, we organize “book floods” in these deserts to gift children books that tell diverse stories reflecting their experiences and lives. Our handpicked books not only cultivate a love for reading, but also help these children build a strong self-esteem.

We are excited to launch the Lone Star Bookflood. For more information click here.

  • Host a Book Flood

    Do you live in or near a book desert? Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, an author, a publisher or a community service provider, we’re always looking for places to host our next book flood. Do you want to sponsor a book flood in your community? All kids deserve books and our goal is to eradicate book deserts wherever they exist. Contact us so we can plan our next book flood with you!

  • Book Ownership Matters

    Book ownership is a key predictor of reading performance. Literacy is a key indicator of future educational success. And succeeding in school leads to opportunities for socioeconomic advancement. Owning books is a gateway to a successful life, and it shouldn’t be a privilege.